Tough Decisions

Yesterday I overheard a coworker talking with a common patient, that she has been told she is a codependent parent by her “life coach”.  Apparently she was informed that she has been this way her whole parenting life and she “needs to stop it now!!!”  Okay, well I am no life coach but I sure as hell know that in the heat of the moment when parenting you make choices to help your children. They may not always be the right choices but they are the choices we make. Now I know this coworker fairly well and I know that her kids love her dearly. So regardless of what the life coach has to say she must be doing something right. 

Am I completely off base here? We all raise our kids to, hopefully, be independent successful people who fly away and only come back on holidays and weekends on occasion. However, life takes unexpected turns and I fully believe that we as parents should be there for our kids to help them. Maybe parents are  there too much now days? Maybe that is what this life coach is seeing but I for one will plan on helping my kids with all my might. Yes, they need to learn lessons and fall on their butts. That is the only way to become a successful adult but i don’t agree with leaving our kids to live on the streets. I realize that in some cases this is due to drugs and in that I have to dismiss myself because I have no past dealings with this. In other situations though I believe there is always an answer. Agree? Disagree? 

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