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When News Changes You

I spent two years on the float team at what was then just the BMC. As one of the few RN’s on the team that meant I was able to float back into Cardiology Nurse Triage room. They did everything from answer triage calls to running the Nuclear stress tests and they worked closely with the doctors and mid levels in the practice.

One of those doctors was Dr. Nahel Farraj. He was a joker, who never did his paperwork on time but he knew the heart and he was good at his job.

Wednesday morning for some unknown reason he never woke up. Heather, his MA of four years was devastated beyond words as well as his family. My limited understanding is that he leaves behind his parents, 8 siblings and a long time girlfriend who loved him dearly.

Its’s hard for me to put in words how his death has affected me. I’ve had loved ones and close friends die who’s deaths have changed my life and yet Dr. Farrajs’ death has as well. I knew him in brief moments of time. He was someone I knew and joked with (actually the last time we saw each other he joked he would owe me a six pack for all my hard work on admitting a patient of his) and I’ll never see him again. It’s a weird reality and it’s changed me.

RIP Dr. Nahel Farraj, DO, you were fun, brilliant and kind.

6 thoughts on “When News Changes You

    1. He was an excellent doctor. Jerry, I don’t know if you live in Bend but there is a Celebration of Life for Dr. Farraj at The Riverhouse this Saturday from 8-10.


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