Baker In The House

I’ve written before about my husband and his amazing grilling skills but I’ve yet to mention his baking skills. Mike has a love of good food and now that we have three little girls he has a desire to feed them healthier foods. He has been on a mission to find or create his own recipes and let me tell you he has done an amazing job.

I think he needs to start his own company out of our house but he is a little nervous to do that. At the very least we need to collaborate on a gluten free cook book. He has made some of the most delicious cookies, crackers, biscuits…you name it and he has done it. I’m amazed at his skills and so proud of him. He is so shy and I think nervous of failure that he is unwilling to try either of my ideas. I hate to see him lose what could be such a great opportunity! Ugh, Men!!! (Kidding)

Well, I will continue to pray and boost his confidence where I can. Hopefully something will click with him soon or maybe my will will just win out!! (LOL) In the meantime, I’ll start thinking of cute baking company names. 


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