Soap Box

Okay I’m going to get just a little preachy. I live in Central Oregon where in summer time people love to camp, hike, swim, fish, boat. You get the idea. If it’s outdoors people are there. However, we do experience a very hot, dry summer every dang year. It never changes.

Somehow, though every year people forget that they need to respect the forest and the place that they visit that is home to thousands of other people and they are endangering those peoples lives by not respecting the law. Oregon has banned all campfires this season and just today we had 3 fires start due to ABANDONED CAMPFIRES! We have had 15 fires pop up since FRIDAY!! I’m not saying all those were man made but geez people get it through your heads. If you cannot respect our home DON’T come. We love it here and we want it to still be standing when summer is over.

Our resources are limited due to two major fires else where in the state and with the Redding fire blazing, barely contained in California more of our resources could go there (Please pray for all that has been lost there so far). So remember stop and think before lighting that match.


7 thoughts on “Soap Box

  1. Amen! People need to stop lighting fires period for now. I’m tired of hearing of another one staring and I don’t even live there anymore.

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  2. Central Oregon is a beautiful place. My wife and I have taken the kids there many times over the years. Sad to think it’s getting destroyed by careless people

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