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I Challenge You!!!!

My poor husband. He used to lead such a quiet life before he married me. I should emphasize QUIET. His family is made up of very quiet people. His mom, dad and brothers are all just quiet and could be probably be described as reserved. Now there is nothing wrong this. It is just the complete opposite of my family.

Loud for my family would probably be an understatement. Family reunions with the extended family have been known to be a little rambunctious. My family is also very competitive and I love to compete. So when my husband landed feet first 7 years ago in this family I think it was quite the shock to his system.

Learning to deal with the loudness was probably the biggest adjustment but the competition mode has been pretty hysterical at times. Mike is not afraid of competition (we did meet in high school on the cross country team, he is a better runner than me, sigh). Like when Disney put out a new game a few years back, we fought (on the game) back and fourth for weeks on getting the higher numbers until my husband finally gave up. (YES!!!!!!!) Of course, there are the tickle challenges on who can keep the straightest face. I’m pretty sure we both lose this one but we have lots of fun and the kids think it’s fun to watch and join in too. We have challenged each other to see who can save the most money at the grocery store and come out with the most food. He hands down does the best at this. However, I’m still taking it as a win. I don’t have to grocery shop and it still gets done!!! I know totally cheating, LOL!!! Then there has been who can keep their side of the bed the cleanest (I don’t think he is aware of this competition cause he never tries and I always win).

Again, my poor husband but then he doesn’t seem to mind. If anything I keep his life new and exciting everyday now! I can just randomly pop up with a new competition and the race will be on!!!! I’m keeping him young at heart and from becoming a cranky old man.


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