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Mystery of Twins

The world is still fascinated by twins. As many twins live today and studies that have been done they are still a mystery and when people see families of twins they cannot help themselves but approach and ask the same questions over and over (with mine and my husbands automatic responses).

  1. Are they Identical? No, they are not Identical and yes we can tell them apart.
  2. Are they natural? Meaning did I use anything else but what is in me? No. There was no artificial insemination (my thoughts at this point are usually would you like a play by play, GEEZ!!!)
  3. Oh so twins run in your family? Yes, twins are in my family. Lots of twins!! We still did not expect this but we are happy they are here.
  4. You are really busy aren’t you? Yes, we are really busy (at this point with gritted teeth) but we are happy and wouldn’t trade them for anything.

Sometimes there are other great one liners thrown in there like, “I’m so glad they are yours and not mine!” Yeah, me too. Rude! I have come to accept that this is just never going to change and at some point these questions with a few minor adjustments (I hope!) will be directed at the twins rather than at my husband and I.

So for all those new mothers and fathers of twins just get used to the questions they will never end and sometimes just to be a butt change your answers and see the facial expressions change. My husband and I did do this once in Costco. I was a little worried the couple was going to call security by the time we were done talking to them but boy that was a fun conversation!!!! And for all those experienced parents of twins out there if you have pointers for me I’m all ears!!!!!


5 thoughts on “Mystery of Twins

  1. I have several friends who have twins and who are twins. These questions seem to be universal. lol


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