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Changing Relationships

I’m going to say this first just to put it out there. Being a parent SUCKS sometimes!!!!! As I have mentioned I have a 19 year old daughter. Last year her dad and I watched proudly as she walked across the stage and accepted her high school diploma. She had done it! She was a high school graduate and she had the world at her finger tips.

I figured she would go the traditional college route. WRONG! She choose to head to beauty school for hair design. After I got my claws out of the ceiling, I realized this was a great choice for her. Chanda has always been artistic and this was definitely up her alley. Now that her choice was made she would live at home until completed to save her money and then move out with a nest egg and hardly any money owed. WRONG!!!

“Mom, I need to move out and have some freedom. All my friends are no longer at home.” Did it help that I pointed out her friends are living in dorms, paid by their parents, while they are going to school and when college is done they will be back home if only for a short time? NOPE!!!

The only battle I did win was asking her to wait till after the holidays were over to move and the little bugger buns literally moved out on December 31st. Since she moved out we barely see her. I figure this is not so different than when your child actually goes off to college and only comes back on holidays. I’m sure receiving phone calls is pretty rare too but this change in relationships sucks. It’s a new normal and its tough on a mom who has never traveled it before. You can’t just call your kid and ream them out for not calling. They have a life that they are trying to make. We raise these kids to be capable adults but when we get them there it’s terrifying. You have to trust that you did a good job. That you instilled those values and morals in them and most importantly that GOD is with them.

So what was the point of my post? I’m worried mama who wants her daughter to come back home and yet I want her to fly and never look back. New normal’s suck and changing relationships are hard but thankfully we have a God who loves us and knows our needs and trust me he is there for us.


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