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My worst enemy

I promised this blog would be about anything and everything so I’m tackling one of my most hated enemies as a nurse, Insurance.

Once upon a time I was a blissfully unaware hospital nurse who never knew just how cut throat insurance was. Now that blinders are off and I’m tired of this crap!!!

Insurance in this country has way too much power! I currently work in Asthma & Allergy at an outpatient clinic and you would think that these people would get some preferred treatment with these conditions. Breathing is essential to life but that doesn’t seem to matter.

Insurance is repeatedly denying LIFE SAVING treatment options for these patients either because they want them to stair step on drugs that actually don’t apply to their conditions or I swear because they are stupid.

For instance, we had a patient with Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria and we asked for Xolair. The insurance repeatedly denied her insurance to the drug due to the fact she carries an allergy to dogs and owns a dog. We pointed out again and again her diagnosis is Chronic IDIOPATHIC Urticaria. Allergy to dogs has nothing to do with this condition!!!!!!

They still denied and patient got free drug for a year. Worked out for this patient but again and again we are running into this stupidity over and over and it’s tiring not to mention frustrating. I have countless more stories of denials and I’m sure you all do to. It’s time to make a change but how……


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