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When Your Baby Isn’t A Baby Anymore

Today is a big day. My littlest girl is 8! My baby, who is no longer a baby, is growing up and as proud as I am, I took a few moments to remember the little one she was.

Bethany came into our lives as BIG surprise. The twins weren’t even a year yet and boom!!! Pregnant, again and it was a miserable pregnancy complicated by professional turmoil. By the time she was born it was a relief to have her here and she was the ray of sunshine we needed.

The moment Bethany was born she smiled at life. Every day she lit up our lives and I thanked god everyday for her spirit. She was what we needed at such a difficult time.

Now our little Bebe Lynn is growing up and calling her the “baby” of the family is a little hard. She might still be a kiddo but, she sure does not look like a baby anymore. Those sassy little smiles of hers show that she has a mischievous side that will cause her poor dad to have nightmares of too many boyfriends one day.

Bethany you are growing up into the most fun loving, smart, talented and beautiful young little lady. Happy 8th Birthday!!!!

2 thoughts on “When Your Baby Isn’t A Baby Anymore

  1. Aww a beautiful tribute to your daughter!! I can’t imagine what it will be like to look at my daughter at that age. She’s only 3.5 now and I just don’t want her to grow up 😭😢

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