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Keep Calm & All That Other Nonsense

While I love the concept of Keep Calm & Carry On, there is a point that it’s just too much. Life is messy, complicated and whether we like to admit it or not we are emotional beings that sometimes erupt in unpleasant ways. Family’s have a way making this even more of a problem. If you have been out and about or even watching the news in the last month or more you might have some clue to what I’m talking about. The Royal Family.

I wish I could say that I’m surprised by Prince Harry and Meghan’s report on how they have been treated but honestly, I’m not. Royal life is a life in a fish bowl. How would I know this? Hello, just pick up a magazine at any store or go online and look at the social media posts. Royals are constantly under the microscope of the world and they are expected to be perfect and if they are not perfect they are to show just the right amount embarrassment to make the public feel their pain and understand them. How on earth do you expect everyone to fit into that mold? It’s very easy, you can’t!

I fully realize that there is more than one side to every story but really what truly is everyone’s problem with Prince Harry speaking out. He has never denied, even before he meet and married Meghan, that he had a horrible time with his mother’s death. There were always reports that he struggled against his father and that he and his brother did not see eye to eye on everything. Why is everyone so surprised that Prince Harry would finally find a way out and not be silent anymore? Looking back over the last 15 years the signs were all here, he just needed an extra push. He thankfully received it in the form of a loving wife and son.

I, for one, am happy to see him blazing his own trail. He deserves to find his own happiness and if that means taking down the walls that surround the Royals than so be it. Queen Elizabeth has been a wonderful monarch to the British people but Charles is an ass and frankly seeing him as King would be horrible. I think the lies that have held things a loft for so long need to be revealed and some are now coming to light with Prince Harry making his statements. Maybe, just maybe, someday the family will see that not all things need to be bottled up and held so tight. Some things need to be let go so change can happen.

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