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Strength & Stay

This last Friday was such an amazing day and yet it was clouded by the death of a remarkable man, the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip. I’m not even British and I feel the loss. Having spent most my life watching the Royals through magazines and the occassional televised event, I was always amazed when I saw Prince Philip. He carried himself with such a commanding power but there was a gracefulness to it.

Now that he has passed I wonder what the Royal Family will do without his steadfast hand guiding them. The Queen herself, has made many statements over the years on how her husband and been her rock through trying times and now at one of the most trying times in the history of the world, that rock is gone. It has been nice to see however, that the family is putting aside their differences for the moment and surrounding Her Majesty and each other with love. If there is one thing Prince Philip valued most in his life, it was family. He knew what it was like to be without it and it changed the course of his life.

Reading about his life and the history of Philips’ and Her Majesty’s love story is quite moving. They aren’t a perfect couple but they weathered life TOGETHER and did it with their heads held high. They have shown what a good marriage can be and they did it with a spotlight glaring at them. I can only hope for that successful of a marriage and I’m not famous! (Thank the Lord)

So as the world gathers to watch the funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh, I’m sure I will tune in too. To say goodbye, to an outdoorsman, a statesman, a sailor, a cheeky fellow and most of all family man.

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