To The Moon And Back

22 years ago today I gave birth to the most precious little girl. Little did I know then how truly amazing she was.

Chanda came into my world and shook up everything. I’ve told her time and again that she is my angel baby and she really is. If not for her, I never would have had the courage to end a horrible relationship, put myself through nursing school and one day be able to find love again with my now husband.

She is the child that made me a mom. She showed me what love is all about. She selflessly loved me as only a child can and I will hold dear all those times we had together just her and I. The two amigos.

Happy Birthday Bear. You are my angel baby, my Chanda panda bear, my mini me. I’m so proud of you. ❤️

2 thoughts on “To The Moon And Back

  1. Happy belated birthday to your daughter! I’m not even lying but when I was “22” years ago I thought that was a typo Lol.. I thought you added an extra digit by accident lol you honestly don’t look like someone who would have a full adult child lol but that’s amazing all the same! ❤️

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