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Props For Reagan

Our little girl Reagan has had to struggle through so much in her eight years. We know she has a language deficit but there seems to be another component to it as well that has eluded so many experts. However, we keep moving along and giving her the assistance and help that we know she needs.

I have to give credit to Reagan too. She has always been a hard worker. She never shies away from a challenge. Every since she was a little baby she has always been the one to persistently work until she gets something right. It has served her well. The last report we received from the school was so glowing that I was just in tears of joy by the end of it. Reagan has improved across the board in all her studies including speech and writing!!! Just such a great thing to hear on a girl who has struggled so much.

Of course, she still has a long road ahead of her, but the smile on her face from hearing her teachers praise her just gave me hope that things were turning around for her.

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