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School Me This

Since this school year began parents and even some teachers have been screaming to get our kids back into school. Trying to do distant learning for K-3 children is a nightmare on the level of 3 tornadoes clashing together. So we were a little excited when school officially reopened, FULL TIME, for the girls.

They went for two days and were sent home with fevers and tummy aches. Which is not unusual, but then I talked to the school nurse and they have to be out of school for 10 days due to these symptoms or can go get a COVID swab, cross fingers it’s negative, fill out he paperwork, give it to the school nurse to review and then they MIGHT be let back in prior to the 10 day quarantine. (point finger gun to head and pull trigger)

I totally understand but at the same time it’s frustrating. I DO NOT want to put my kids through the nose swab again. Kayla’s first time she got a nose bleed and she still talks about it. Her sisters live in fear of the dreaded nose swab and honestly, after having it done on me FIVE times I don’t blame them. Yes, I know drama queen right here, but can you blame?

So we are back to some what of a homeschool experience until next week. I actually think my husband enjoys having them around but at the same time arguing with the minions to get on their school tablets and do homework is like talking to dinosaurs. Lots of roaring with gnashing of teeth and sometimes you feel like you were bitten.

My new mantra has become, It can only get better from here, I hope.

One thought on “School Me This

  1. Bless your heart for dealing with homeschooling a bunch of dinosaurs! I don’t know how you mamas of multiples do it, I honestly don’t think I could, I’d go insane! I’ve don’t the swab 5 times now too and each time I’ve wanted to punch the swabber lol ugh it’s terrible!

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