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Acceptance Letter

Several weeks ago I blogged that I was searching for a new adventure at work. I had applied for a couple new positions at my current employer and was crossing my fingers. As a Registered Nurse in a clinic it’s actually a rare occurrence for advancement. You make lateral moves or stay where you are but holy moly God is good!!!

I had eyes set on a Triage position at work. It is definitely lateral for me but it does pull me out of patient care and I’m okay with that. However, as I was focused on that position I was offered an interview on the other job that I just applied for as a whim. I took the interview and wow!!!

This position is Employee Health. So I’m in charge of the health of all the employees at the clinic and all that encompasses. So I will be dealing with OSHA and workman’s comp and flu clinic, etc…. This is a big job and they loved me and I loved them! It’s a challenge and I’m nervous but completely excited to start this new adventure.

So after all the news was announced to my current managers and coworkers I signed my acceptance letter for my new position. March 7th seems so far off but I have a lot to do and really it will be here in no time. Wow, can’t believe it and yet I’m glad I get this opportunity!!

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