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Open The Doors

Hello new year!!! We are happy to see you! 😊 Every single patient that has walked through my door the last week has talked of nothing but the new year and the promise it holds.

We obviously have great expectations for this new year and really I don’t think it’ll take much for this year to beat the last.

Usually, I would be making my resolutions today but instead I’m making a list of hopes. Hopes of what is to come when the vaccine is dispersed enough that masks can be off and pools can open and I can take my kids on trips again.

Those fun things that we haven’t done in awhile and we all have missed so much. Looking forward to the days when we can open the doors wide to our neighbors without fear and just be the welcoming nation we used to be.

Happy New Year Everyone! May this year be filled with hope, blessings and change.

One thought on “Open The Doors

  1. Yea I used to make new years resolutions then they turned into intentions but this year I’m more loose about it all… The landscape changes on a regular basis so it’s hard to say what I hope to accomplish although like you, I do have hopes for the new year as well… I’ll focus on those. Thanks for short and sweet read!

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