Get Your Own Comforter

As the year rapidly comes to a close, magazines are putting out all kinds of articles to send us out on a high note. I’ve been really impressed on how most are focusing on funny articles to highlight the positive that has happened this year instead of the negative, thank god.

One article caught my eye about funny tweets that have been posted throughout pandemic on marriage. They were pretty hilarious. Silly things like how to roll the toothpaste the right way when using it, which snacks are for the kids, not for the dad and so on. It was cute and again made me realize how lucky I am.

Mike and I have our fair sure of arguments like anyone else but mostly we agree on everything. The small stuff we shake off, when I can’t (yes, I did not write that wrong) I pray hard and if we need space we ask for it.

There is one battle however that always gets me. I love our comforter. It’s warm, soft and just perfect in every way for our cold winter nights. I don’t mind sharing but mike can be comforter hog!!!

I can’t tell you how many nights I went to sleep perfectly warm and woke up at some point freezing my buns off because he had the nerve to take my covers! He swears up and down it’s not on purpose but I’m wise to him. This year I’m thinking we split the bed down the middle and he gets his own sheets and comforter. Well, it’s an idea anyway.

So there’s a marriage tip for all you unmarried people out there before you tie the knot. Be sure to have an extra comforter on stand by to give to your thieving partner. 😂

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