As all mothers know, any day brings forth many unknown moments. We can have a peaceful morning, that instantly turns chaotic by one child having a melt down over a sibling unearthing a toy, not seen in years, but “it’s my favorite!!! Give it now” and WW3 is on.

It’s enough to daily drive anyone nuts. I’m not going to lie and say that I always see this daily. I do have a full time job and it falls to my ever present and wonderful husband to watch over our 3 wonderful, angelic children (😂) while I’m at work.

I’m still a mom though. So when I come home at night, I still feel that pressure to make sure my house is spotless (it’s not). I need to make sure the kids rooms are picked up (they’re not). The dishes are done before bed (nope, again). This list will get a lot longer if I keep going. So you get my point. I’m getting a few knots in my shoulders just writing this. It’s a hard job being mom and everyday it’s getting harder.

The pressures of online school, COVID, my kids getting older and life in general are making it harder and harder to be a mom. Then this morning in another knot worthy moment God stepped in.

I was reading my Bible and found a reading plan for Moms!!! This lady is a mom just as stressed out as me, with a million irons in the fires and do you know what she did? She had me read a passage in the Bible that I’ve read many times, but she gave a fresh perspective on it.

Matthew 14:13-21. Jesus feed five thousand with two loaves of bread with five fish. In reading this passage this morning God wanted me to remember that giving thanks for what I have before I need anything is the most important part of my day. He will cover all the rest.

He might not give me fish and bread but he can multiply my time, energy, joy, and creativity. I’ve got a hunch you could use a miracle or two in your week. Let scripture set your perspective.


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