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Broken Pieces

Last night I made myself a new worship playlist for the mornings to get myself in the right frame of mind.

As I listened to the songs this morning I sat in wonder as my spirits not only felt uplifted but was amazed that God was giving me a message that I needed to share.

Matthew West has this beautiful song called Broken Things. If you have not listened to it you really need to. God is all about using people that are not all together for his kingdom and boy let me tell you right now this world is broken.

After months of campaigning, there is still not a winner in the Presidential race, but no matter who wins this race the man that gets up to that podium and accepts that duty for the next four years as President of the United States, is a broken man. Someone who needs a God to guide and lead him. That’s why no matter who wins, we need to pray. For that office, for this nation, for everyone.

None of us are perfect. We ALL fall short and that is the beauty of mankind. We are here to show the love, grace and wisdom of Christ and he will use all of us in his infinite ways to make his glory known. Never doubt that even when we can’t see or understand, God is using those broken pieces.

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