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In the last two weeks, metrics has become a new word that has caused a lot of chaos. School started two weeks ago here in Oregon and I can’t believe all the differences that can be found. Some schools are small and private and kids are going in person as long as the “metrics” of counties are fine.

Some kids in the same home are doing different options. One kid online and other in person. It’s crazy. My counties metrics are forefront I mind today because if they are still good my girls will go back twice a week starting in two weeks.

I’m truly on the fence about this. I want them to socialize with kids their age again and be in class with their teachers learning in the traditional way but honestly I don’t think our county, state or country is ready yet.

People still aren’t wearing masks or maintaining 6 feet in public. Most because, “we can’t tell them what to do.” The others because,”they aren’t scared of some stupid virus.”

And now we add in the looming influenza season. This could make for one the most disastrous years on record. So here I sit waffling back and forth possibly getting an ulcer worrying over my kids and them going back to school.

I’ve never been so unsure about anything. They need to learn but when we have a society that so selfishly bows their necks and throws fits about wearing a darn mask, well, I’m just not sure that sending my girls out the door is the safest thing to do.

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