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Bruised but Alive

This has been a heck of a week. First week of online school for the girls. Some ups and some downs.

Bethany, although she likes her iPad, cannot sit still for two meetings and focus. It’s just not in her nature. She is always moving and ready to jump to something else. Not good when they have to look at a screen for instructions.

Kayla and Reagan both love having their iPads and logging on but being in the same and Sam class means they cannot sit anywhere near each other when class is in session or feedback is heard throughout the district, lol. So one iPad it is for those class times.

Poor Kayla has also been dealing with a tummy issue. She is so constipated that we have to do a clean out on her and every night she wakes up in pain and having to poop way too much. I see no more dairy in her future or very limited.

Then you add in my job. Waking up almost every night to help Kayla, you can imagine I’m not sleeping well and I have sleep apnea which means I don’t sleep well without my CPAP anyway which I haven’t been able to due to all the heat (I literally sweat it off) and we can’t open windows to cool the house off because of the smoke from all the fires!!! So to say I’m stressed is playing it low key. I’m tied in knots and ready to explode.

I was glad that I only worked half day yesterday and by the grace of God managed to hold my tongue when my coworker tried to blame me for her attitude. 🙄

Praise God for temporary problems and weekends.

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