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Smooth As Chunky Peanut Butter

Well yesterday was the first day of online school for my girls. Third grade for Kayla and Reagan, first grade for Bethany. To say that it was a bumpy ride would be to say that we only have mild fires on the West Coast right now, in other words I would be lying.

My husband and I even had the girls get their iPads all prepared and charged. They played on them the day before so they knew what apps to open and we felt pretty good about it.

So when it all fell apart Monday morning we were a little surprised. Kayla’s tablet wouldn’t recognize we had internet, Bethany’s tablet got on fine but her teacher had somehow already given the assignments out and Reagan was fine with just with setting timers all day for next week. LOL

It wasn’t all bad, the girls did get to see their classmates, their teachers and each of them has a designated spot with all their school supplies in an area of the living room to do class in the mornings. They were really all very excited about it and even with the bumps they enjoyed their day.

Thankfully, I also heard from around the district it was chaos everywhere. Everyone, had glitches galore but really it is to be expected when you have so many kiddos headed back to school in one day, a state on fire and filled with so much smoke that we get labeled with the worst air quality in the world. All in all I consider this day a win.

So cheers 🥂 to this next year of learning and I really think we can only go up from here.

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