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Secrets and Lies

Seven days ago my little town of Bend, Oregon went under the national microscope due to protestors, ICE agents and illegal aliens.

Now, all the particulars I’ll leave to the Federal Governement and apparently the protesters who state they have information as well. I don’t know who was right or who was wrong but what I do know is some people have lost faith in the American government.

I don’t completely understand the mistrust. Every nation has secrets and every nation has screwed up. We are not infallible. Is the United States supposed to be perfect? I certainly hope not because as we all know no nation is perfect.

What I don’t understand either is the love for those who have committed a crime to enter this nation and the urge to protect them. Illegal’s have broken laws just by entering this country and yet most of the protesters that stood and protested their removal from homes here in Bend wouldn’t blink twice if a white man was arrested.

They would say, “ He obviously committed a crime and deserved to be punished.” Yet they won’t say that about the illegal aliens. Is it because they came from a bad country? A bad family? According to many people here we have a bad country and we have many bad families.

Actually, let me tell you a story. I knew a girl in elementary school. She was kind, quiet and didn’t participate much in school functions or after school sports. We talked everyday in class and when I invited her to my house she usually said no. Her excuse was always she needed to get home to her mom. One day in 6th grade her and her mom vanished.

Everyone talked about it for weeks. Through an investigation it turns out her dad was abusive. He hit her and her mom all the time. The law was never on their side due to lack of evidence and No protesters ever showed up to help them when they would have needed it. They were American citizens. They could take care of themselves.

I’m sure that sounds bitter and maybe it is. I’m tired of the double standards. Would American citizens expect to be treated as equals if they were illegals in another nation? No.

Do you know why? Because we don’t flee to other nations as illegals!!! Does that make it right when others flee here illegally? In my opinion, no. I get it. Other nations are corrupt and do horrible and despicable things but that does not mean we as the United States are meant to pick up all the pieces and fix it.

These other nations need to figure out their own policies. Is it scary? Yes, but it’s the right decision. We cannot be the world police. We have a nation of our OWN people who are hurting and being neglected and they deserve to be healed before others.

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