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We all have a moment when we break. When we have had enough. All healers get to that point.

I’ve watched as the people I work with put themselves out there day after day for their patients. They show up to work. They put their fears aside, they make sure their families are as safe as can be and they come to work. They take care of people who yell at them, cuss at them and get them sick. Yet they show up day after day to do the work they love.

It’s not for the paycheck. Some, maybe, but most it’s because they love what they do. They love people. They want to take care of them but who takes care of the caregivers when they are spent? You can’t expect it to be their families. Families are a wonderful place but they can’t always carry that burden. They can’t know what their loved ones have seen and dealt with. It’s too much to ask.

Who takes the ashes of all this pain and makes it beautiful again?

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