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We have been watching the Marvel movies a lot lately. It’s the favorite series’ of mine and my husband and the kids get a kick out of them too.

What’s funny about these movies is how each of these characters is so relatable. We all wish to be a good guy/girl like Captain America. Who wouldn’t want to kick butt like Hawkeye and Black Widow? Wanda can place thoughts in people’s minds? Hello??? Can we say cult leaders dream but honestly the character that really rings true to me right now is The Hulk.

Yes, his alter ego is Bruce Banner, this really smart guy but then when his temper flares he turns into this huge green man and smashes the heck out of everything.

Make no mistake. I DO NOT want to be The Hulk but I did just do a couple rounds with a person very similar to The Hulk and I’m tired of it. I set my boundaries and then they get smashed. It’s tiring. What’s worse is I know I did the right thing and being treated like I did the wrong thing.

I just pray that God can sort this all out.

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