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Greater Tomorrow

Sundays are currently wonderful days to sleep in, relax and just enjoy life. Unless you live in my house.

4:00 on the nose my daughters cat, Lyra, (the one that was supposed to stay for only 1 month back in February) starts her daily ritual of waking me up. First, it’s the rub of her paws 🐾 on my face, then it’s purring as she cuddles into me and if all else fails she finally starts to claw at the bed. This is usually the time that I wake up and stare at her like I’m some mean mother and swear that if she doesn’t stop she’s out on the front stoop. Lyra bats her eyes, yawns, stretch’s her front paws and looks bored. Yep, she’s won another round.

As I sit in here in the silence (now that the cats have been fed) I think all that has happened over the last few weeks. So much violence, pain and hate. It grieves my soul. I love my nation and all it’s people.

I agree that All Lives Matter but I understand the importance of and I agree with the Black Lives Matter movement. To ignore this movement is to ignore a race and ethnicity of people that have struggled under hate and violence too long. THEY MATTER.

Standing with each other side by side and demanding a difference in how this nation acts is necessary. WE ARE ALL in this together and we need to fight this TOGETHER. Life is too valuable to lose. George Floyd may be the most recent rallying cry but there have others. Too many to count and it needs to stop.

I fully understand that some have taken the protests as opportunities to riot and cause destruction but we can’t let those individuals derail what needs to happen. CHANGE.

They very foundations of this nation were laid in hope that we would different. Let’s show the world that we can be. By learning from the past and moving into the future with a greater purpose. One of understanding and love. We have that potential let’s find it and do it.

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