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What’s The Plan, Stan?

We all are sick of quarantine. Some people have been a lot more vocal about it than others but no matter we are all tired of being indoors. I get it. Actually, out of all the countries, IN THE WORLD, I’m fairly certain the United States has been lockdown far less than anywhere else.

Never the less it appears that in most states the virus has flattened and we can now start to come out of isolation. Every state has different plans on how this will look and how businesses need to address social distancing while being open. I’m sure people will complain and be wildly upset because it just seems that’s our nation nowadays.

What I’m interested in is what our plan of action is when we have a second wave of the virus? I know that most don’t want to hear it but it’s going to happen. The virus doesn’t need density to spread it needs proximity and by opening up the states again we are giving it that.

Now I’m not an expert. I’m just a nurse who has been watching, reading and studying all available information about this virus. Trying to understand all that I can about this invisible enemy that we are battling. It’s not an easy battle and it’s not over yet.

I’m sure each state has a plan in place for these surges or second waves, as I call them, but what plans do you have in place? What are you doing to be prepared? There is no vaccine yet and in reality this virus can attack anyone. No one is safe. Kids have died, middle age people with no health issues have passed as well as the older generation with health issues.

So we need to be prepared. Each family needs to have a plan. One that is tailored to you and your families specifically. Isolation is a possibility again and we need to be prepared this time around.

So what’s your plan?

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