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Bringing It All Out

I was talking to one of my patients the other day and she brought up a valid point. “In times of crisis it brings out the best and worst in people.”

I watch the news about rally’s and march’s of people who can’t and won’t obey stay at home orders because they either can’t afford it (really who can?) or they just don’t want to. Selfishly forgetting that this isn’t about economics anymore. This is about life. Saving them and preventing more from dying of a deadly virus we can’t prevent.

Then I see all the posts and news articles about neighborhoods helping each other through the crisis. Going to the stores for people that they know are too sick to leave their homes or who are immunocompromised and too afraid to leave.

I also watch the hospital staff, especially doctors and nurses working around the clock to save patients and when the can’t holding the hands of the patients while they die so they don’t die alone. Selflessness in all they are doing right now.

None of us are perfect and none of us will handle all of this situation just right but there is a middle ground and we as a nation aren’t finding it yet.

I pray everyday that someway, somehow we find it before more people die needlessly.

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