They Didn’t Lie

Weatherman have their moments when they get it right.

Since last week they have been predicting a mini Snowpocolypse in our area and as of yesterday their predictions were sadly starting to come to fruition.

Now there are many Central Oregonians that no matter what once they start predicting snow ❄️ they get their snow tires on and they are prepared for anything. Then you have the others. They are the see it to believe it crowd and once the snow starts to fly the are in full panic mode. They flock to the nearest tire stores and are horrified to find out there is a wait to get their tires on because others beat them.

Year after year it’s the same. Yes, there is 50/50 shot the weatherman can be wrong but no matter what we allows get snow. Even if it’s not as much as the year before. It’s gonna come, guaranteed.

Why they try to fight it, EVERY YEAR, makes me laugh.

Hope you all are safe and warm today. Happy Wednesday!

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