Conspiracy Or Reality

I’m going to put this disclaimer right up front. I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I do not spend time thinking up odd and outlandish things that freak people out. Also, this post is not meant to start an anti-vaccinator vs vaccinator war.

Awhile back I heard a joke. A doctor went into a Well Child Visit with a medical student in a tow. The visit went off without problem until the end when the doctor asked about vaccines. The mother, being a strong anti-vaccine supporter, launched into why she didn’t feel her child should receive the vaccines.

After a few minutes of listening quietly, the medical student cleared her throat and said, “Ma’am, have you ever thought that the anti-vaccination movement could be a plot be the Russians and Chinese to weaken the immune system of the American population.”

After a moment of silence, the moms shocked face registered not only concern but then horror at the realization of the possibility and proceeded to ask for all the vaccines for her child.

Once the Doctor and Medical Student had left the room the Doctor turned and looked at the Student, “I’m not sure how ethical that was but that was funny.”

Now remember this is a joke and yes I laughed, hard, when I heard this joke but oddly enough last week it struck me that it’s not too odd of a possibility.

It’s well known within the medical community that bioweapons are the wave of the future and we all know that the Democrats in the country have been screaming long and loud of the interference of the Russians in our very own election process of our President.

Who’s to say that they wouldn’t try to weaken the immune system of the most valuable and vulnerable of our population? Children are at the mercy of their parents decisions.

The ruthless people in other nations don’t care about us or our kids. They are more than willing to sacrifice us all if it means getting what they want. Which is of course us, gone.

Now, all of this is just an off the wall theory that popped into my head one morning and I wanted to write about it. It’s not meant to scare anyone but it’s an interesting food for thought.

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