Someday Way

Have you ever been driving in your town and it’s a regular route for you but your see something that you’ve never seen before? Like it just JUMPS out at you and you’re like, “how the heck have I missed this?” I’m the only one? Okay, just checking. 😆

Well, last weekend as I was driving to my coworkers daughters baby shower ( say that three times fast with your mouth full) I passed a street that I had never seen before called Someday Way and I’ve been unable to get it out of my mind since. We all have our “someday list” somewhere.

You know what I’m talking about. It’s those once in a lifetime trips, it’s that cute dress that might be just slightly too expensive or maybe it’s that guy or girl you want to ask out but you just haven’t got the courage yet. We put it on the back burner and sigh and say someday we can get the money ore the courage or the job that will make this happen.

Now I’m not your mother but someday is not a guarantee of anything and if you think that some fairy is going to grant you what you need your dreaming. I know this because I’ve looked for that dang fairy for years and she just doesn’t exist. (Dang it!)

So let’s make a challenge for ourselves. I have a “longer than I would like to admit” someday list that I need to get working on too. How about these last few months of the year we spend them working on making some of those somedays now. Start small with something easy and work your way up. Let’s see how we do!

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