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Several years ago my husband and I moved our family from our home town in Central Oregon to a small town in Eastern Oregon. To say the move was a shock to our family is putting it mild.

I for one was not the happiest about it and it was for MY job that we moved. I won’t go into to all the details but let’s just say we ended up leaving after only 7 months. Our family took quite an emotional hit and we took a long time to recover.

Before we moved there we had been in a service at our home church and the pastor spoke about the tapestry or our lives. There are times of turbulent seas, high mountains to climb but then straight roads with miles of endless vision. Why does it have to be so chaotic at times and where does it all fit? We don’t always get to see the picture. If we could know it all and see it all then what would we need God for? He is weaving a tapestry of such amazing beauty from all that we go through and one day we will understand how it all fit together.

My time of seemingly calm seas is at an end right now. I’m coming into a season of chaotic waves and I’m pretty I’m going to be tossed around a bit. Thankfully, I know who my God is and that I can hold onto him in the impending storms. I’m fairly certain that I will not see all the answers of how and why but I can trust that the ending of it all is going to weave another part of my tapestry that God is so intricately working on.

Have a blessed night.

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