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Pep Talk Ended

If you are a parent you know full well that pep talks are a staple in the home. Now, I don’t know much when it comes to boys but girls I’ve got you covered.

By the age of well 3, girls need pep talks. It’s not really big things but the general, ” Honey, she asked for the toy. I promise you can have it back in 10 minutes!!! Look mommy set the timer!” As they get older it can deal with clothes, makeup, boys, parties, the list is practically endless.

Now I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before but I was a single parent for 12 years. My daughter, Chanda, was not much of a drama queen which meant that pep talks weren’t a regular routine. Now that I’m a mother of three little girls it comes pretty often. I have to admit though that the other day stumped me good.

I’m not sure what started it but my twins, Reagan and Kayla, were done with each other ( this happens every other day). As I intervened for the 100th time I pulled Kayla aside to remind her that we all have gifts in this world and no matter what no one else will be just like her she is unique.

At that statement Kayla stopped crying momentarily to look me in the face and say, “Mom I’m a twin! Isn’t that different enough?”

Oh heaven help me!!! I may not survive these smarty pants kids but I’m gonna give it that old college try!!! (Pep Talks are good for parents too!!)

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