We all have our ideas about how our life is supposed to look and when we are supposed to achieve our goals. Some people have their lives so planned out that when those goals aren’t achieved at the right age and time they are left feeling empty and unfulfilled.

I have been down that path before and had my plans shattered into millions of pieces wondering why my plans failed while I’ve watched other succeed. Then I remember that even though I have my plans God has his own and they are infinitely better than mine and I need to trust not only his timing but his end plan. It’s not easy and it’s not even over yet.

I do however know that I spent two years on the float team and wondered why God would leave me in a spot that really caused me so much anxiety but I trusted him and I stayed and eventually he found me the perfect job. I never would have imagined it but he did. I trusted and I waited and he gave me something I never even looked at.

So even though we have plans and goals it’s okay that they get jumbled up and maybe not fulfilled in the way you want because God has a bigger and better plan than you can see. Trust him to know that he will get you there because he will in his timing.

“God has perfect timing & it’s highly possible that by not being where you thought you should be you will end up exactly where you’re meant to go.” ~ Rachel Hollis

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