New Stages

My patients are forever telling me that aging sucks. Actually, I recently had a little old man tell me, “young lady aging is the worst thing I ever did and I didn’t have a choice!” At the time I smiled at him and told him I was sorry to hear that and I certainly hoped things brightened up.

Let’s face it though as we age we do notice that our bodies probably do creak a little more than they used too. I have a knee that pops if I bend down a little to much in a day and my back needs to be taken care of a little more now than it used too. I blame the poor body mechanics when I worked on the floor at the hospital more than anything else for that.

So what brought this on? Well yesterday I had a little scare. I spent 6 hours in an ED bed having my heart looked. It started out like a normal day but about 9am I started having chest pain that radiated down my left arm and wrapped around my left side and instead of going away but about noon the pain had intensified and I was nauseous, flushed and ready to be looked at. So I went to UCC and was sent by EMS to St. Charles Bend.

Long story short I am fine (after 6 hours, 3 scans, way too many blood draws and back pain from the dang bed) but I can see how aging is not for the weak and I have a new appreciation for those who have to put up with so much more. So as I hit the new stages of my life I’ll make sure to appreciate a lot more what I have.

Happy Tuesday!!

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