My mother was forever trying to get me to clean my room. Just like any mother would do with any kid, I assume. Once or twice a week she would make her way into my room, shake her head and say “Jami Lynn pick this place up!” Being the typical kid it usually took five or six times of her doing this or getting something really important taken away for me to finally do what was requested.

Now that I’m on the flip side of this coin I do have deep sympathy for my mother and yet I also have found that really no matter how much my husband, my kids or myself clean my house will never be the spotless dream my mother’s was. I work 40 hours and when I come home I’m exhausted and I do not want to be spend my entire weekend cleaning!!!

That being said I will clean and make sure the kitchen and bathroom are presentable but usually the rest of my house just looks like it sneezed or been vandalized by creatures from Jurassic park. Either way my kids are clean, fed and loves beyond words. So a few toys here and there won’t hurt anyone. Have a great Friday!!!

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