Not So Different

Moms and kids the world over have a daily battle as old as time… bedtime. Mothers know that it’s very simple. Brush your teeth, go potty, read a book, get a kiss goodnight and off to dream land.

Kids have a different plan. Usually involves the mothers version but about fifty more times of going to the bathroom, asking questions during the story and after the goodnight kiss there are always a few more questions. No matter what side of the world you live on there is some mother and child that goes through this on a nightly basis, just like me and it makes me smile. It shows me that no matter who you are we are ALL human and life is not always that different. We can be the same in many ways and we can find common ground.

No, I’m not trying to create a political statement but I am trying to show people that it’s possible to find things in common even when we think there are none. And isn’t funny to think that some high profile mom or dad might be running back and forth to their kids room answering questions just like us? 😂😂 Makes me chuckle!

I hope you all have a wonderful day! 😊

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