What’s Your Brand?

So I was listening to a friend of mine talk the other day about social media and putting your “brand” out into the world. When someone comes to your Facebook page or your Instagram, MySpace (does that still exist), etc… what are people going to learn about you?

For example, when people go to hers they see she loves coffee ☕️, her family and Jesus. So it got me thinking about what three things people see when they come to my site. Hopefully, a mom who loves her kids and husband. A women hopelessly addicted to caffeine because let’s face it I AM!!! Also a women who loves her God with all her heart. So I am making an effort everyday to put those touches to every post to make sure that is what people are seeing so that no doubts are left in people’s minds.

So now I turn it to you. What is your brand? Do you project who you really are in your social media feed or is it all smoke and mirrors?

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