A Whole New World

As a nurse I’m not naive enough to think that I know everything. I know I have skills yet to learn from other nurses and doctors as well. I’m also aware that my little corner of the universe is just one part of a huge planet and yet today as I cruised through Instagram and looked at others feeds I was shocked at how little I still see!!

My life as a mom, a nurse , a wife everything is still so small! It’s humbling and scary all at once. To know that there is such a huge world out there and really the only way to see and hear about it now, is to be plugged into multimedia. Either that or win 10 million dollars and travel (I’m holding out some hope for this but be serious, lol).

So as I try and gain some more followers on Instagram and follow them back to see what others lives are like around the world think about what your world looks like. Are you fine in your little universe? Would you like to branch out and learn beyond what you know?

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