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100 Days

I feel horrible that I have abandoned my wordpress for the last 5 days. This place is my sanity and stress release. Plus I love to read what others are writing about too!

Life can just have a way of getting out of control. Such is life I guess. My life is still a never ending circus of one line zingers from either Kayla or Bethany with an occasional slider from Reagan. I don’t how I got so lucky to have such creative little girls but do I ever. Reagan hopped, yes hopped, in the door from school yesterday thrilled that she had completed 100 days of her first grade year and wanted to know if that meant she was know an old lady? LOL!!! They made adorable hats

Reagan gave me hers and said that we can share it. 🙂 Kayla not thinking it was that big a deal gave her hat away and then promptly broke into tears after her sisters picture was taken. Even telling her she can still have her picture taken wouldn’t make her happy. Sometimes 6 year olds are drama queens too. Well, that’s a brief update from this crazy crew. Have a great weekend!!!!.

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