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Booty Shake

My baby “A”, Reagan, is probably the most shy out of all my kids. She is more than happy to melt into the wall and let her twin take the lead on just about everything but every now and then you can catch her in a silly mood.

Awhile ago I was walking up the stairs and just happened to hear Reagan’s cute little voice saying “Shake my booty, shake my booty, booty shake, booty shake,”

Of course, being the mother I am I slowed down and peeked around the corner not wanting to disturb this moment and maybe get a great piece of blackmail for later!!! Sure enough, Reagan is standing in front of the mirror dancing away to some unknown tune shaking her little fanny and signing “Shake my booty” making sure to check her said booty in the mirror.

After laughing heartily (and quietly) for a minute I stepped into view and Reagan proceeded to turn 10 shades of red and then run down the stairs.

I think we all need these moments to just dance and sing like no one is watching even if it turns someone is!!! Life is so short embrace the happiness and if you get chance shake your booty today!!!

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