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Scared Stupid

Mike and I allow our kids some play time on our phones. They have a couple of games they have downloaded and get a limited amount of play time on them. However Kayla, otherwise known as, miss smarty pants, has learned how to download free games and wallpapers at an alarming rate. None of this would be a problem except that some of these free things bark, meow, hiss or otherwise do weird noises at the most unpredictable times. 

So when your phone of all a sudden makes a hissing sound while your driving down the road and you scream, jump a curb and otherwise drive erratically to avoid what turns out to be nothing in your car you, feel stupid trying to explain that to the nice officer who politely asks you to take a breathalyzer test before 2pm on a Wednesday. (Yay Me!) 

Needless to say no more playing with mom’s phone!!!! Have a great Saturday!!! 


Disclaimer: I don’t own this emoji.


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