The Big Day!!!!

The day has arrived! It’s here!!! It’s been coming at you with leaflets, commercials, knocks on your doors and tons of speakers at events. That’s right it’s ELECTION DAY!!! 

I certainly hope you get out there and vote today (if you live in my state of Oregon I hope you mailed it a week ago or dropped it off in a ballot box somewhere!) because we’ve had enough people reminding us TO VOTE!!!! I know it’s a big deal but this year I have felt like it’s been hammered home with too many nails. I get it, there are a lot of important issues out there but geez this has been a little much. I had a stack of leaflets from the mail about 3 inches thick that I put in the shred bin at work. You killed a mini forest to tell me to vote for you and sent me a dozen emails a day to boot and I didn’t sign up for those (mysteries abound). 

Regardless, the day is here and thankfully after the dust settles we will have some quiet time (maybe). So get out there and VOTE!!! (oh geez now I’m doing it). 


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