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Allergy Lists

I’m sure all nurses can say on some level that Allergy Lists can be awful. I love it when people come in and say they have “No Allergies to Medications”. The rooming process gets about 10 times easier at that point. However, you don’t get that lucky all the time and when you work in Asthma and ALLERGY you do get more than your fair share of long allergy lists both in medications and well everything else.

Now I’m not posting this to gripe as a matter of fact I want to share a couple funny stories today because really if you can’t laugh at the silliness that occurs well…….

I had a lady tell me she wasn’t allergic to any medications and then as I’m leaving the room “Oh dear I was supposed to tell you I had an Anapalatic (yep that’s what she called it) to Cipro last year.  (Changing chart now)

Kiddo came in for Penicillin testing and mom was giving me the background on why it was needed then mentioned that he has NEVER taken penicillin based medications but dad has and he reacted. (GEEZ) Kiddo was not allergic BTW. YAY

My favorite though was a little lady who came in because she was allergic to epinephrine. When I asked her what her reaction had been “Well honey my heart raced and I got all jittery and my stomach was upset.” (LOL)





4 thoughts on “Allergy Lists

  1. OMG!!! Yes! Allergy lists kill me. Especially the ones that are huge! I love the people too who have no idea what their reactions where.

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  2. Lol! See this all the time too. People scare me with their lack of common sense in their allergies.


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