Can I Be A Woman?

I recently read an article on People Magazine, about the actress Keira Knightly slamming HRH Princess Kate for “being the face the world wants to see”. You see Keira is a feminist and has written a piece for a feminist book entitled “The Weaker Sex”. It’s all based on her birth experience with her daughter. Apparently, Princess Kate coming out of the hospital 7 hours after giving birth to her children is not being honest to the world and it’s offensive to Keira and other feminists as well.

I’m a little confused. When did the feminist movement decide that attacking each other was a great idea? Every women’s birth experience is her own. Having been a Labor and Delivery nurse and a mother to boot I know this VERY well. Apparently, I also need to point out that when the world is waiting for the birth of a ROYAL baby and they CAMP outside a hospital for DAYS waiting for the birth of the baby it’s a little different. (DUH!!) Would you want to stay in a hospital with the paparazzi everywhere outside or go home where you can relax and be surrounded by loving family instead? (Insert eye roll and DUH)

I’m all for pushing women’s rights when it’s done in a professional manner and not tearing anyone down. Anyone, else agree? Let’s find ways to move forward plans and agendas without throwing mud on each other. It can be done so find a way. It’s called being above the fray. Something that people in this nation and apparently across the pond need to start doing.


4 thoughts on “Can I Be A Woman?

  1. As a man I like to see women who have independence but I would to be allowed to do somethings as a gentleman.


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