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Be Somebody

My daughters love the movie Leap! (2016). It’s an animated movie about an orphan girl named, Felicie, who dreams of escaping the orphanage and becoming a ballerina in the big city of Paris. The movie moves at such a brisk pace she and her best-friend Victor within the first 10 minutes succeed in escaping. Both find their dreams starting to come true (he an inventor of sorts) and she of course lands a job that puts her right in the ballet. Now I’ll spare you all the rest as that is not point today. Felicies’ dreams come true after a lot of hard work she’s a ballerina! It really is a cute movie and it teaches kids that through hard work they can achieve their goals.

After maybe a few dozen times of watching the movie one of my girls made a statement that stuck with me. “I can’t wait to grow up so I can finally be somebody.” It’s so odd that this resonated so much with me but it’s not the first time I’ve heard it. I’ve said it as a young kid. I remember my friends saying it when they were younger and I remember my oldest kiddo saying it. I’ve heard kids at the doctors office saying it. It really bothers me. Especially now days with so many children committing suicide. No matter what age you are, YOU ARE SOMEBODY. You matter. You can make a difference. 

I’ve been seeing signs pop up all over town that say, “You Matter” or “Don’t give up” now I know why. Other people in town are just as concerned as me. Listening to the trend of children saying “I want to be somebody, I want to matter”. You DO MATTER! You are SOMEBODY! Right NOW!!! I’ve never seen so much depression and just the desire to give up at such a young age and it’s no only sad it’s scary. I know we can’t change this overnight but daily we need to love on our kids and their friends and let them see they MATTER! That they are SOMEBODY, NOW!

4 thoughts on “Be Somebody

  1. Amen!!!!! You got it right! Somebody they are right from the beginning no matter what people tell them. They all matter all the time


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