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28 years and counting!!

When I reached the age of six I noticed that most of the kids around me had siblings. I remember at some point having a conversation with my mom and stating that I thought I was getting ripped off. I wanted a sister. I needed someone to pick on!!! I needed a little sister that would admire me, tell me what an awesome older sister I was and who would be my little minion forever. (Hee Hee)

My moms wise advice was to pray. So pray I did… for years!!! And boy does god have a sense of humor. He gave me a brother with blonde hair and blue eyes!!! He was the all American kid!! Well at least he learned I was boss and I was to be admired! (Yeah right!!)

Those first couple years were a bit bumpy mainly for Chris because I accidentally did push him down the stairs a couple times (I swear!!) Thankfully, he survived those years and made it to the ripe old age of 28!!!! Happy Birthday Bro!!!! (I know it’s tomorrow but I’m in town to celebrate today!).


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