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Can You Spot the Fool?

Politics and I have a love/hate relationship. Essentially I love to hate it. I realize it’s a necessary evil in this world but it’s getting harder and harder to tell which people are bought and paid for. It used to be fairly easy to spot the politicians that were lining their pockets with others’ money or dealing under the table. Now it’s so common place I’m pretty sure they all are on the take.

I’m sure I’ve watched way too many spy thrillers that have had dirty politicians gunning for the white knight but then again they are fun to watch and really how wrong can they be? We do have Trump for a President now and before him Obama. Neither of them are saints and I’m pretty sure both are good at double dealing in their sleep! To say that this country needs a slap in the face for a wake up call is an understatement. However, you won’t see me running to Hollywood for the nearest actor to help. I’m pretty sure they are in the pockets of several politicians too or at least lining some.

I know there are calls for more transparency but that only goes so far and should. We can’t know all that the government does to insure our safety but we do need to have politicians we can trust. Politicians who when they tell us that when we wake up in the morning the country will still be free, we can believe them. I’m tired of blindly following what political parties are throwing at us. I’m tired of the fighting and double dealing. I would like to see progress and a United States that for once in the last decade wasn’t floundering in the mire and muck.

It’s time for the House of Representatives and The Senate and the President of the United States to GET IT TOGETHER!!!!!! STOP being a back biting bunch of butt holes. STOP taking money from the highest bidder and working their agenda and work for the PEOPLE. You know the PEOPLE who elected you to office to do something GOOD. MAKE A CHANGE. PROTECT this NATION and give us something to proud of again!!!!!! I’m not sure why but Obi Wan comes to mind as a way to close this post. He says one of my favorite lines in Star Wars Episode IV and it must be posted! Have a great day!


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