Fairy tales and Princes

I don’t know about all little girls today but I remember when I was little and the girls that I played with when I was growing up. We always dreamed about our weddings days and what we would wear, what our dream husband would look like and what our lives would be like, happily ever after. Once in a great while we would pull out our fancy dresses and crowns, that somehow we all had, and we would pretend that our soon to be husbands were princes. He came in on a white horse and swept us off our feet and we would live in a castle far away in a magical land, happily ever after (see a common theme here).

Tomorrow an American girl is walking down the Isle to marry a prince. Not just an prince either, Prince Harry of England!!!!! Did I mention that I’m related to Prince Harry? Some lineage of the Bruce family? Anyway, Meghan Markle is getting to live out the dream so many little girls have wanted and I wish her all the best. All women deserve to find their prince she just happens to actually be marrying one and I hope that with all the responsibility and position that now will come her way she will wield that wand carefully and just as gracefully as Diana before her.

Which is why tomorrow morning bright and early at 4 am this lady will be up to watch the beginning of a beautiful marriage and bright future for two people who deserve all the best. To Ms. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry may your marriage be blessed.


6 thoughts on “Fairy tales and Princes

  1. They are so wonderful together and now adding a baby! Can’t wait to the flurry as the date for the babies arrival gets closer.


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