Fair Day

Every year the Deschutes County Fair opens and I can't help but get excited!!! I've been going to the fair since I was a little girl and it was the highlight of my little years. I remember my whole family  getting together early Sunday morning for the Buckaroo breakfasts and we all sat around and… Continue reading Fair Day

Soap Box

Okay I'm going to get just a little preachy. I live in Central Oregon where in summer time people love to camp, hike, swim, fish, boat. You get the idea. If it's outdoors people are there. However, we do experience a very hot, dry summer every dang year. It never changes. Somehow, though every year… Continue reading Soap Box

41 Years Blessed

41 years ago today two crazy people walked down the isle and said "I Do!" and I'm so thankful they did or else I wouldn't be here! Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!! Thank you for being the great examples you are and may you have many more blessed years to come!!!! Love you!